Late last fall I met with Raymond Federman in his San Diego home and had tuna salad sandwiches. That's just to impress you with how nonchalant our relationship is. It's not. He told me I had another ten years before I could call myself a writer. Hours later, as I was leaving he corrected himself and said, maybe five years. We work fast these days. He had just finished a round of golf when I stopped by. Is golf really played in rounds? I was touring with Portland Bike Ensemble and Spasmolodic Duo when I stopped by. We just played at The Smell, or we were about to play at The Smell, in Los Angeles. Or was it Il Corral? I can't remember. So this interview is my claim to fame. I hope it only lasts twelve minutes. Follow this link for a partial text rendition of the four hour interview recorded on a blue digital dictaphone. Raymond Federman, author of Journey To Chaos: Samuel Beckett's Early Fiction, which I am now re-reading. Author of Twofold Vibration, which I am about to re-read. Author of Smiles on Washington Square, which I recently re-read. I can shut up now. Raymond Federman: An Inner-View.