Performance Concept for a Japanese Public

The Dropping
Here is a performance concept for a Japanese public that occurred to me recently. It has its basis in my knowledge of Japanese culture and a curiosity for testing the limits of the kata, and Japanese behavior in general. This performance is intended specifically for a Japanese public but could probably apply to other cultures, although not with the same effect. This performance concept is based on the idea that in Japanese culture, when a person drops an object, it is polite to pick it up and hand it back to them if a witness to it.

Location: Street, Train, Bus, or other public place

Idea: Performer drops an object (handkerchief, lipstick case, matchbook, lighter, etc) in the presence of other people. Performer does not pick up object but waits instead for someone to hand it to them.

Performer may repeat action any number of times, or go to another location and drop another object or the same object, wait for someone to hand it to them or offer it to them. Ideally, the performer would be walking and dropping objects on a busy street, so that several people would offer the object back to the performer.

This performance concept is copyright © 2014 by David Moscovich, all rights reserved. Use of this performance concept is permitted only with proper credit to the original concept by David Moscovich. Contact david at louffapress .com to use this idea for a performance.

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