This friday Beatriz Albuquerque is showing in NYC one of her video-performances in an event called GiSCA Palooza. Beatriz did not mention what GiSCA stands for, but it sounds to me like the Romanian word for goose. Gîscă would be the correct spelling in Romanian. But I'm sure this has nothing to do with geese. What makes me so sure? I'm going to ask Beatriz, and I'll get back to you.
GiSCA Palooza 2010 -- GiSCA Palooza 2010
An Evening of the Arts and Social Change
April 23rd * 7-9pm. Milbank Chapel, 525 W. 120 Street, New York, New York.

This GiSCA Palooza 2010 event is free and open to the public.
Beatriz Albuquerque

Current / Upcoming Exhibitions:

2010 GiSCA Palooza, Milbank Chapel, New York - USA.

2010 Fluxhibition #4 – amusements, diversions, games, tricks and puzzles, FluxMuseum: A Wing of the Ontological Museum, Forth Worth - USA.

2010 Forum de Ermesinde, Ermesinde - Portugal.

Found another treat in my mailbox today, this one from Brooklyn, New York. "David, I do not know the abbreviation for the word Nebraska." And on the back she (Alex Cuff, one of the editors of No, Dear -- Founded in 2008 by Emily Brandt, Alex Cuff, Katie Moeller, and Jane Van Slembrouck) wrote an easter poem -- an invocation of Lynda Carter: Wonder Woman Stands Spread Eagle in Her Underwear.

Also enclosed was Issue Five (Edges) of No, Dear, hand stitched Limited Edition number 34/100. And I almost forgot -- the first poem is entitled Icarus Views Himself in a Reflecting Pool -- by Martin Rock. This hit me sideways because just yesterday I wrote a piece called Nicarussis. I was trying to find the hybrid between Narcissus and Icarus. The piece is simple -- Nicarussis. If Nicarussis drank from a pool of his own reflection, would it singe his throat?

Two Junkies

Two Junkies are rolling up their sleeves. The first junkie snaps the tourniquet tight on his arm and says, Do you take Discover? The second junkie nods...
To Cook a Thief

I have a pan and a pot. No spatula. No forks. This should change. One plate. I want your big language.
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