update by gomez addams

dearest deer rest d arrest sir,

now hear this here now
(fiasco mantra)

thank you for acknowledging your existence.

i have just been informed by the fiasco high priest of promotional gig
procurement ministry, alejandro "bill graham" ceballos that at the
request of the la president de la pacific northwest college of art
(stupidest art school name in the universe as we know it), fiasco will perform
march 14th at 12:30 for 60 minutes. no sack lunch required.

i will dedicate my portion of this sacraficial virgin performance to
you moscofiascovich by decreeing a moment of silent sanctified
funkaficational pure solid gold prayer.

in harmolodicgoth we trust

so long suppositorisan so l o n g suppositori ouch too long
Left forward, now even-stepped, now right hand holding handrail. Shifts weight to right middle. Stands. Shifts to right center, now leaning right. Now fully right-weighted, left-witted. Slows, stops, ring-ring-ring. Two schoolgirls get out. Grabs hand-rail with two hands, swings round to land in empty seat. Chin cornered by knuckleweight. Lift low knuckleweight not lifting, lurching. Almost sucking thumb. Born 1930? 1933? 1923? 1940? 1944? 1928? Pre- or Post-? Pre- or Post- indeed. Woof Woolfe. White socks [dimmed lace-cutters, can’t be a man] texture of ping-pong net. Worn lips, dying crying swollen eyes of survival and survival meal after meal curry curry curried it’s way coursed these veins. Survival of the piggest. Non-longen bided by bargeman’s poles. Silver wristwatch black dials purged the centuries of dust neath the skin of an old cunt. Denim colored pants of a cottonlike suede unlike material; fancy the mother’s been away on Saturnday sabbatical. Outer three fingers hold the rail thumb under chin keeps close to mouth, folds arms in lap-luster for the earth to spread its cheeks and blister its way into the rapturous concussion of perth wanderings. Itching elbows crossed arms. Notices, signals by scratching nose when no itch exists. Wants an itch to scratch itch isn’t there. Billboard of a gaping mouthwound bleeding gums before and after: ‪er aqua-marine-corps logos logo crumples as it crumbles. Held tight a blue plastic baby with right arm mumbling chocolate whale artifact blubber of the pomp willed tightly round it in a tight-fisted left-hand cuddling face and lips, squinting eyemuscles tenderized launched in a fresh memory wakarimasen cultural car-wreck of a momo. Full lips, full hips, full cheeks, haha probably [a mother] locked in primordial disgustation of her chichi’s chinchin. Cotton dull grey zippersweater full roundabout to the full round bottom of her bottom, sitting swilling fingertips rubbing bottom lip. Hiccups, removes hand from face for duration of the attack. Reaches for temple in prolongued state of the union addressing her memory sadness locked down bag tightening, crinkles as it crumples.
DVD artist Kawasaki Yuko interviews Maruyama Yuji about his work. The following is unedited, unchanged and uncouth. The questions were prompted by email, from one artist to another, in Kitakyushu, Japan. This is the result.

please write 5 words that you can think of right now

Hips, hole, window, mind, and expectation

please write 5 key words to express your music and painting

Love, cumulus cloud, chaotic , hope, and laughter

what do you think of the number 5

It is not.

which one is the most important for you, sexual desire, sleeping desire or

Sexual desire

if you were music maker of KAT-TUN, what the title of new single would be?


what color would fit for the word ' marriage'?

Light banana color

if you have unlimited budget, what kind of exhibition you want to produce?

The rotation of the earth on its axis is reversed.

what was your best act that you ever had?

Is not hit on.

if god say to you, " i can give you one thing", what will you say?

The world without war, poverty, and liver complaint
KANOJO O HAJIMETE MITA SHUNKAN NO KOTO O IMA DEMO OMOIDASEMASU. I can still remember the first moment I saw her. KAKINE GA IMA NIMO TAORETE KISOO DATTA. The fence looked like it could fall any moment. KUSURI GA KANOJO KARA ITAMI O TORINOZOITA. The medicine freed her of any pain. DOA O SHIMETA TOKI, NOBU GA HAZURETA. The knob came off when I closed the door. SATSUJIN WA JUUDAINA HANZAI DESU. Murder is a serious offence. JAKKU GA, SHUUMATSU NO AIDA TORAKKU O TSUKATTE II TO MOOSHIDETE KURETA. Jack offered to let us use his truck for the weekend. TAIPURAITAA O KARITE MO II DESU KA? Is it ok if I borrow your typewriter?

KANOJO O HAJIMETE MITA SHUNKAN琴O IMAデモOMOIDASEMASU。 私はまだ最初の瞬間に彼女に会ったのを思い出すことができます。 KAKINE GA IMA NIMO TAORETE KISOOダット. フェンスがそれのように見えてどんな瞬間にも落ちることができました。 KUSURI GA KANOJOキャラ伊丹O TORINOZOITA. 薬が彼女を解放して全ての苦痛の。 到着時すでに死亡O SHIMETA TOKI、NOBU GA HAZURETA. 私がドアを閉じた時、ノブ〔こぶ〕は取れました。 SATSUJIN WA JUUDAINA HANZAI DESU. 殺人は深刻な違反です。 JAKKU GA、SHUUMATSU MOOSHIDETE KURETAへのアイーダTORAKKU O TSUKATTE II。 ジャックは週末のために私たちにトラックを使わせることを申し出ました。 TAIPURAITAA O KARITE MO II、DESU KA? もし私があなたのタイプライターを借りればokですか?