roy thought of the sound a skull-shaped boat would have made hushing through a viking tempest

dravidian langual
kanned kangaroo dog an odograph gravured in pearl sauce of en avant

novaculite: hone stone, siliceous rock of a new kind of fictitious narrative, supplementary to the Codex

porphyry: variegated purple hard made by slowly stirring oatmeal or rolled milk in oats, pursuivant of the English College of Elizabet
han half-penny`s,
pork scratchings
Fiasco Improvisation(Tim Alexander, Alejandro Ceballos, Bryan Lightcap, Shane Schneider, Jerry Soga) with David Moscovich reading from Castro`s Weatherman: Ethnography of a Bumbling Sex Tourist. Recorded December 2007. Blame satan tomorrow for the sandwich you ate today. Probably does it to other fruits. Ethnography of a Bumbling Sex Tourist. That`s not Bellatrix, it`s too bright to be Bellatrix. Recorded amongst an audience of sheep. Let`s keep it that way. Proctology of a hurricane. Self refluxing again, are we? Caught in the rain in Palenque overnight at the Temple of the Inscriptions. Self refluxing again, are we? Permitted but irresponsible. Castro`s Weatherman....

Give Give Four

Take Take Three