Spasmolodic Duo

Check the sound bytes above for excerpts from their CD, Bay Train, Bake Five [2005].

the spasmolodic duo is a free improvising, crypto-psycho-rhythmic organism ranging from angry meditations on neo-imperialism to absurdis t postal-modern treatments of jazz standards to west african percussive free-noise.

david moscovich (prepared guitar, electronics, fiction) has studied and played with ghanaian master drummer ni ardey alotee, bassist glen moore, and other s. He has composed music for several nationally broadcasted documentary films, played with tucson playback theatre, cexfux, portland bike ensemble, slack variables, and collaborates closely with novelist Mike Daily, who by the way has a formidable a nd dangerously attractive blog []. David has been known to infiltrate political conventions with a homemade press pass.

shane schneider (percussion, tenor sax) a force for dyslexistential improvisational music, his pencha n t for avant-performance art, garnished from decades as a comedian and performer, informs all his playing. Shane has toured internationally with the magic theatre, and for many years has been a n irrepresible pre sence in the west coast improv scene an d b ased i n portland, ore, touring with tat vamasi, portland bike ensemble, 411 collective.ibe