They Attributed Preservation to Extreme Polymer Fibers.

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He asked for a report on why we entered the potato to begin with. The government went to court to stop The Times from publishing McNamara's report. They said you can not print that. You should not print that. What would have happened if The Times had lost? They called him Frankenstein though he played the fiddle like a refugee from Desert Storm. His glasses were fashioned from a Swiss cheese he discovered under an Aryan couch. Experts aged the cheese at sixty years and attributed preservation to extreme polymer fibers. The fibers were knotted in long strands by a molecular biologist who recieved a ridiculous grant to genetically test the perishibility of factory produced milk products. His favorite shapes were the figure eight, the infinity sign, and the number nine. Experts have the discussed the purpose of the tangential, and postponed conclusion hearings for next week. Experts visiting the Czech Republic early Tuesday morning publicly denounced the allegation that collective dreams reveal a vainly pubic chasm in the rift of the current administration. The Pennsylvania Commission on Human Rights Awareness called it quits this afternoon, after a bitter defeat in the courts over the right to be presumed guilty. Speaking from the steps of the courthouse in Philadelphia, Vice President Natalie Kowalsky said, the hope that Americans once had of regaining their modfeer has been dashed once and for all with this new research on the preservation of factory produced milk products. Although she graduated with honors from Columbia University, Eugene Ionesco had always been her secret obsession. This is Marlene Dietriche reporting from Rubble Without A Coccyx.