Brand-New from Dyslexistential: That Rare Amalgamation of Blue Hair and Women's Formal Wear

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Here's a taste--

She was hoisted on a classic baby blue Vespa. She was there when I walked out of the drugstore. She had that rare amalgamation of blue hair and women's formal wear. SF is for softly formed. She turned to me and said, if I had to work here and listen to that music all day I would stab myself with a tuning fork. SL is for solid. I looked up to locate the outdoor spepakers. It was patriotic country music with a popsickle drumbeat. LQ is for liquid. I'd have to say, I began as she revved it up. She dropped a cell phone, bowled it over with a scooter. SP is for sadistic foreign policy. I wonder where she gets her ironing done.