Unit Structure

I asked J Morales (Unit Structure) if I he could ask himself a few questions, then proceed to answer them and send them to me for post on the blog. This is what he said:

How bout you come up with some questions, and I'll send whitty, erudite and curt replies. That way you can have proof you knew and interviewed me when I was more of a nobody.

Q. When did you first discover buddy rich, han bennink and ed
blackwell were your favorite drummers.

A. Buddy Rich was all flash and NO SOUL. Ed Blackwell as soon as I heard hit stick hit drum on "Free Jazz" . Han Bennink ? Slapstick in a viking wrapper (I mean that in a good way). My first favorite drummer was F.Meinheit (E.N.).

Q. Talk about RM.CLR, your old moniker. Did you really clear rooms?

A. More than I care to admit. Roomclearer is a dead language now.

Q. Who are some artists you collaborated with in the northwest. Can you contrast the NW scene with the SW scene, or others you've been involved with?

A. Steven "Shane" Schneider (aka Shane Ronet, Pixiestorm), Matt McCullough (aka Bad Pioneer 2000), Noely David Moscuvichy (aka YOU), Mike Daily (aka O'Grady). Everyone in the NW has such a postive attitude, I wish it rubbed off on me more.

Q. You are moving away from kit to pure electronics. Why?

A. When you have no car it is impossible to get your drums anywhere without begging band members and friends for a ride. My electronics fit in a suitcase and cover the entire audio spectrum 2. I DON'T WANT TO BE IN ANYONES BAND ANYMORE.

Q. When did you first realize that Brotzman is your favorite saxophonist. Contrast and compare him with david cross and neil hamburger.

A. Brotzman is ok. I'm more an Eric Dolphy man. Cross and Hamburger are what would happpen if you split my comedy atom.

Q. What is the role of comedy in music.

A. It has none. ALL music must be morbidly serious and painful.

Q. Tell me about your former but dazzling success as a comedian.


Q. How do you see your music evolving in the next 5 years

A. Arson will consume my equipment and I will become an overwieght bus driver.

Q. Films that influenced you

A. Satyricon, Eraserhead, Road Warrior, The Dark Backwards

Q.Top twenty artists, top ten or top anything

A. Top music makers on this day in my mind that I can come up with off the top o' my head and in no particular order:
Ali Farka Toure Pan Sonic Swans Eric Dolphy U.S Maple Funkadelic Einsturzende Neubauten. Chicago Underground DuoNeil Young Merzbow Fela Flaming Lips Bauhaus Master Musicians of Joujouka Fly Pan Am Aphex Twin Throbbing Gristle Laddio Bolocko Arab on Radar Wolf Eyes

Q. Prefer listening to noise morning noon or night?

A. Mid-day

Q. Can you address the time and place aspect of listening to music?

A. Whenever and wherever I can.

Q. Is there ever a bad time to listen to Merzbow?

A. During surgery.

Q. Disagree with this statement: "artists today are not discovered, they reveal themselves."

A. Frozen shit will never flow uphill.

Q. Difference between being an artist today versus 30 years ago, 50 years ago, 100 years ago.

A. Critcal mass has run roughshod over the individuality of "artists". Too many motherfuckers jumping somebody else's train in this here modern new fangles era. "Back in the day..." seems so much cooler since I wasn't there to bitch about it.

Q. Why the name change to Unit Structure?

A. Cecil Taylor album from 66.

Q. What about Cecil Taylor, are you like him, building simple themes into a complex cacophony?

A. Yes and no. No because he is a genius and I am disengenuous.

Q. Favorite 28th century classical composer?

A. Me! Many reincarnations from now, unless I get off the wheel, as it were.

Q. Links to your music.

A. I need to update the music on this BADLY: Soooon I will have stuff up for CEDARS as well.