Tim Buck Tooth and The True History of Bigfoot

Walls made of hundreds rolls of carpets, livery breath odor of the sea, spermwhales, he asked us with twitching eyebrows to write in the Bigfoot log.

Bigfoot sometime try steal carpet. But no sighting today, said the milky carpetier, brandishing a map of bigfoot sightings.

Last sighting at Blue Mosque two thousand six, he said, snapping his fingers for the boy.

Ibrik, brought to the old Dacians inherited, I said, as we commoned our pasts and auctioned them for a tray of butter, black olives, bread, sheep’s cheese, yogurt drink, jam, and tea, tea, tea.

Bigfoot was first Ottoman king you know, said the voice from the bottom of the Arabian Sea.

Tim Buck Tooth gulped wide-eyed as we depreciated in our underwear...