Kurt Vonnegut's dead and I can't think of anyone better than Eric Spitznagel to kick off his memorial. Spitznagel, the author of one of the better books on being a pornscreenwriter, FAST FORWARD, I read faster than I read Kevin Keck's OEDIPUS WRECKED. Spitznagel is also the web editor of MONKEYBICYCLE, always a nice read for flash fiction, space and beyond. He's also co-authoring the new Ron Jeremy biography. I hope that didn't entail any one-site research. Then again, FAST-FORWARD was a memoir, or was it fiction. The lines are blurring....

Anyway he's got a fascinating (and I mean fascinating) blog called VONNEGUT'S ASSHOLE.

He didn't just create the site.

It's been around.

Check it.