REtroSpective of the POrtland bike Ensemble [Duo] Japan

This modern translation was culled from a website about our gig in Nagoya at KD Japon. A tremendous space, hosted by a very gracious set of warm folks. I`m trying to upload this photo but the menus are all in Japanese. I`m studying. I really am. But I`m not sure if this will work. Will it work?

Here is the caption underneath the photo. I believe it was a personal commentary turned automatic by my automatic translation software:

《主語なし》It is the マイ bicycle that right that is always taking care of.

《主語なし》I attach, it the various points to and play and also rub and also strike a/the contact microphone and also with, of right of person whole body was been blamed gave the scream of a/the delight with the finger technology that my bicycle becomes splendid and.

《注意:一部解析不可能》《主語なし》I want to observe the アヴァンギャルド style of playing of a/the gamelan wITH it was enjoyable オモロ. 《主語なし》It is although I go な that be loss.

《主語なし》Besides, while accumulating a/the beat present heirakuG, "the noise=noise" that cause a/the アザ- world taken out grieve over was colored" the setting sun, voice of the sound that were cleared to "funniness furthermore, novelist David Moscovich, of the Fukuoka residing that causes to a weird 電 consonant converted the sharpening that I am able to cause to notice that they were wrong translation of a/the ロックン roller Takeno 恭 chapter 4 sets appear on the stage.