The Computer Has Stolen the Author`s Computer, and Replaced it with Another Computer

I am in this place for 18 months with a/the trial [a/the test] no. There is not a charge [charging]. I hope that is more good to not know where you are, although I can write a/the letter to you. 《主語なし》It is damp dust っぽ and be a place. When as for a/the floor I tried that is getting wet almost and the time a/the window threshold [a/the foundation] is cleaned I can not overcome dust [the powder] to see a/the stone. From when those strip off me and water is splashed to me I am mastering this surrounding ぼろ of a/the waist. When my clothes are burnt those caused me seen.
I am in solitary cell imprisonment for 2 weeks. If I am lucky I do 1 nap about only 1st. But it is if I can meet you.
It is once only. I can not sit and my calf [the calf] is becoming numb for 100 years. Sometimes the neck 脊 vertebra is pushed among 2 notched wall and I awake. When it struck a/the hand brake like a/the subway train a/the spark scatters and my foot is the steel ball with bearing no. When I entered those took my turban.
Most of the watches, think that I am a Muslim. Me those are person 汚な that wound me on "a/the turban and" つ call saliva and pushed me to the knee that I am bleeding. Now I am in these 4 x 5 of cells [a cell]. 《主語なし》Or is it 3 x 4? It is a dream to extend my foot completely and the world is a dream and the freedom is a nightmare.
The thought of the sleep is disquieting. 《主語なし》It is the tin [the can] that Man that the watch has ドロシー and human being cause armed. 《主語なし》Because I have hope well I am I of a/the human being. Wish that those are my Kali but a/the rat revolves in a bigger corral and be correct. My Kali is sole real comfortable and those vomit and call I take her instead of] the one that [threw up breakfast. It comes to good from day to day merely.
A/the watch was when able to make it with a/the call girl.
There is the condom of a used sometimes in a/the plate [a/the figure]. Those call it a/the vegetable side. "There is your excessive vegetable side here" say they. Now I have 10th to solitary cell imprisonment furthermore.
It is for to almost talk. With, the smile of the weather forecast government agency that I saw that a/the tiger is bleeding from) the blood curve eye [a/the turn/direction conversion] into God and others who are changing a/the turn [direction conversion] to a/the soldier and soldiers into (the weather forecast government agency on God and television the hip in this hell, I see how his smile is stolen from him and be arranged again in a/the PR office and was returned in the face [the surface] for a/the television. He does not know that is the place where, are broadcasting from Texas in somewhere but those lose electricity. 《主語なし》When it breaks out it is no warning. All are a black man and become vacant at night and quit that my foot bleeds and I meet you. And as for you, it give the sole comfort that I am requiring to me really, without smiling.