So the idea came to me to do The First William S. Burroughs Centennial Tribute of Lincoln, Nebraska on Friday June 6, 2014. Now, the idea is that this is the "first" centennial celebration because like any annual or biannual celebration, the first one implies that another will also occur. As for the plans for the "second" otherwise known as the Bicentennial William S. Burroughs Tribute of Lincoln, Nebraska, that is up in the air. The calendar has not been booked that far in advance, and I will also be -- out of town for that one, barring a huge jump in cryogenics research that will affordably allow me to freeze my brain and thaw it (note, the word de-thaw does not exist, despite its irksome usage). New York has one, London has one -- why not Lincoln, Nebraska. It's closer to Lawrence anyway. For now, the idea remains one loosely composed of two elements thusfar: 1. Tiny Tiny Tongues (Joseph Jaros and David Moscovich) and 2. Joe Younglove (Joe Younglove) and 3. You The venue and full lineup will be posted as soon as these things have been arranged.
The frozen Hudson river December 2013. Photo by David Moscovich.