So, de repente I've been invited to join the “My Writing Process” blog tour and have completamente accepted the maravilloso invitation from Eckhard Gerdes for April 14 (today). Thanks, Eckhard. You can check his blog post here:

Mitte kudasai! The blog post is totemo simple. I must follow the three mitsu steps below and post to my blog on the date given. Understand? Of course I do. Mochiron. Acknowledge the person who invited me Boku wa and that the post is part of the "My Writing Process" blog tour (ue), answer the 4 yotsu questions which are provided below, then nominate up to three authors to follow with short bios and blog burogu links rinkusu for all. Pafekuto!

1) What am I working on?

HEALTH MATTERS: I am working on my deltoids and my abdominals, which is tough with my fabulous, soon to be patented Moscovich All-Carb 20th Century Masterplan. That's right -- it's not a diet, it's a Masterplan. A lot of people are crazy for this low-carb and paleolithic diet and I have decided to go the other way -- it's bread and pasta and granola bars and anything beige, brown and tasteless all the way. I'm taking a stand -- no protein, no fiber, virtually no nutrition. I am also alternating the all-carb diet with the paleolithic diet, for the sake of balance and occasionally smartening up with one of those green algae brain-booster drinks. One week carb, two weeks caveman, loads of B-vitamins and B-movies. As a result, I look exactly the same as when I was in the fifth grade, but with smaller glasses.

MEMORY: I am working on remembering things. Things like, "Librarians are not secretly nymphomaniacs." Things like, "Plants and people are two different things." Things like, "Never put a down payment on a featherduster." Things like the fact these are all quotes from my novella You Are Make Very Important Bathtime.

STATISTICS: I am working on statistics. For example, did you know that 98% of US-based businesses use social media? And did you know that 98% of Catholic women use birth control? I am sure you noticed that 100% of these statistics have not been cited or sourced and that JK Rowling did not write them. Thank you for noticing all of that.

NOVELS, ETC: I am packed to the hilt with projects, as usual. As I do the work on writing it feels more like The Work, rather than just work. I am working on two novels right now. I am too superstitious to speak to them in detail before they are published, but in more general terms, one of them is a revision of a process I began in 2006, and the other is a fresh new take on a story I have been telling my entire life. I am also working on a book of poetry and a couple of screenplay treatments based on my flash fiction novella which was published last year, called You Are Make Very Important Bathtime. The treatments are connected to the novella in varying and probably disturbing ways. One of them is a horror spoof, another is a drama treatment, and a noir. They all use the characters in the novella but bring out different characterization and in some cases wildly diverging plotlines. I am finding a certain freedom in writing the screenplays that doesn't exist when writing a novel -- knowing that it won't be read word for word as the finished product itself, and in fact taken to a different medium entirely. I have also noticed something new arise since working the film angle of things. I no longer think that working on a screenplay is antithetical to literary work, now that I am doing it, it seems to be there like a trampoline I get jump on whenever I want a break from the literary work. That probably means I have workaholic tendencies. My muse is a slave-driving sadist with no concern for physical or mental well-being.

WRITER SUBMISSIONS: I have also been working on submissions for my Louffa Press single author chapbooks project, as well as the online E-asy Journal for Louffa Press, called Scrubbadubdub, which are both ongoing and accepting submissions between September-June each year.

THREE-DIMENSIONALITY: I am working on being less three-dimensional and less predictable. I have noticed that many of us in this day and age are under the impression that being a person in three-dimensions is better than being an image on a flatscreen. Ideally, I would only appear on a flatscreen or as a hologram or on the side of a mirror when you need a mirror. But that would be funny and possibly even confusing if when you needed a mirror you saw David Moscovich in the mirror instead of yourself. Then again, it might not be funny at all.

TEACHING AT NYU: I am working on a syllabus for teaching a class at NYU, Intro to Fiction and Poetry which will commence in the Fall of 2014. The class is divided more or less as half craft and half workshop. We are going to explore a few of the more impactful writers of the last century, and the other half of the course is concerned with fomenting interest in the art of writing itself by doing it and workshopping it.

TEACHING IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS: I am working on a book launch for some very bright and creative students at PS110. The book to be launched is an anthology of student work for which I am Editor-in-Chief. There will be two 4th and two 5th grade classes reading from the work they have created as a result of the Writers in the Public Schools Fellowship which I am happy to be part of at NYU. It will take place on May 31st at Barnes and Noble Union Square starting at 1:30PM. There will be some very talented kids sharing their work in the bravest way.

NEW WORK: I have work forthcoming in July in Asymptote, which just went live with their new April issue:

CALMING DOWN: I am working on calming down after a few recent fun things happened, such as my work being shown at the London Biennial and in Rome as well, which was exciting, projected large on an outdoor wall. I am working on calming down while writing and rewriting a novel. I am working on calming down after a really fun book launch for Bathtime which was held at Quimby's in Chicago (Friday, Sep 13) and then Cake Shop in New York, last October 23. I am working on calming down after a recent MRI scan. I am working on calming down.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work is exactly the same as everyone else's work, only it's completely different. See above.

3) Why do I write what I do?

I write what I do for exactly the same reason as everyone else, only for precisely the same completely different reasons. See above. See below. Watch for falling rocks.

4) How does your writing process work?

Yes, it does work. See above. And thank you for the questions.

Want to do it? Thank you! Arigato! Mulțumesc! Touche!