Found another treat in my mailbox today, this one from Brooklyn, New York. "David, I do not know the abbreviation for the word Nebraska." And on the back she (Alex Cuff, one of the editors of No, Dear -- Founded in 2008 by Emily Brandt, Alex Cuff, Katie Moeller, and Jane Van Slembrouck) wrote an easter poem -- an invocation of Lynda Carter: Wonder Woman Stands Spread Eagle in Her Underwear.

Also enclosed was Issue Five (Edges) of No, Dear, hand stitched Limited Edition number 34/100. And I almost forgot -- the first poem is entitled Icarus Views Himself in a Reflecting Pool -- by Martin Rock. This hit me sideways because just yesterday I wrote a piece called Nicarussis. I was trying to find the hybrid between Narcissus and Icarus. The piece is simple -- Nicarussis. If Nicarussis drank from a pool of his own reflection, would it singe his throat?