Okay, so this is going to be good. Jay Schleidt of Darbolistic Rex is putting together a double cassette compilation with a devil's slew of musicians -- and I even heard a rumor that Ember Schrag might be contributing a work using something she calls a Paper Ocean -- a prototype of a machine she has conceived where (as far as I gathered in brief conversation) the sound would consist of amplified paper moving against amplified paper in an origami or accordian fashion, resulting in an ocean-like soundscape. Did I get that right, Ember? Anyway, for this there are going to be a lot of musicians on this compilation, including but not limited to:

Fair Conditioner, Big Drum in the Sky Religion*, Earth Incubator*, Headless Kamikaze*, Illnathix*, Alexander Kibanov & Norihito Kodama*, CJ Boyd, eloi, Zebra Mu, color rabbit, Psychic Parrot, No One Conquered Wyoming, Ghost in My Veins*, larva, Big SAD, Aisle, Hyper Fighting*, Aural Resuscitation Unit, bwmh, Killian Lord
Benny the Church Mouse, Children's Prison, Christian Von Sponheim*, Rigor Mortis, Clitaurus*, Moscovich Meets the Fug*, Yana, The Men From... BEYOND*, Lazy Magnet, Instinct Control, Whip Cream Wars*, Gaybomb, Sobou Shuu, Dino Felipe, 7ym*, O.L.M., Be Rock, Terror'ish, mdm Hey, Kenji Siratori*, Sparkling Wide Pressure, Eric Andre, Gigantic Blonde Boy, snma, Endless Endless Endless, Munter Jack, The Boom Boom Booms, Joe Mc Nertney, Cocoon, Goldwater Marmalaid, Core of the Coalman, Bonus Beast, Inhibitionists,, Sensible Nectar, Inappropriate King Live.....

jay schleidt

Darbolistic Rex