Mike Daily's new novel and double CD boxset, ALARM, is set to print any day now. I've been keeping track of it's progress since Daily first showed me ALARM in its manuscript form, in two racecar red three-ring binders. I've seen him perform parts of ALARM live, and I've sat in with him a few times as well, knobbing various electronic devices while he spun the tale. It was always the propulsion of the narrator (and what he calls the alter-narrator, a voice projected behind [BRACKETS IN CAPITAL LETTERS]) that kept me and the audience into it. I asked Mike when the final print will be through, and what's the latest. Here's his update:

I'm guest blogging on Claire Zulkey's blogand doing another article in

"your book is a complex beast."
--Kevin Sampsell

The complexity caused delays w/ printer. The 15 copies I got on friday were fairly tight but the FC2 appendix was a bit jacked. I'll send you one of the next batch. I'm getting excited about it again.
End of the novel blues lighter. Going to give copies to the Hold Steady tonight, they are headlining crystal ballroom. O'Grady will be performing at the FC2 thing again this year.
Garett Strickland asked me last night. Learning new sections of alarm so I can make new videos. Every performance is documented.