Excerpt from the novel Castro's Weatherman:

Again give him the alpha state the gentle landing on the Mare Triantium. Set the reprogramming dials on high. This is your brother. Repeat. Brother. Clone? No. Father. Vitamins? This is your Mr. Dilligent. Set the controls on high. We’re setting it as high at it will go, sir. Good. Repeat. Now with the images of the family home. And the poop under the carpets. Yes, the first house. The second house. The merry-go-round accident. The bicycle accidents. All. Repeat. We’re afraid your son has suffered a concussion, sir. He’ll have to take these for the rest of his life. Ease him momentarily into a hyperaware Cretenum Taruntius. Good. Swing him down from Crysallis, slowly into Alpetragius. Nice. Back to the Rear Martonis. And repeat. With the strawberry. The baby. The strawberry. The cries, the cries, the cries. Rewind. Ease him into a casual alpha. Lower pulse, breathing normal. Lower him into the water, easy now. Easy. Okay. Let go of the ark. Nola, let go of the ark. Am I going to have to detain you for subversion? Who’s side are you on here? The strawberry. The cries. The cries. Rewind from the top. Replay. The father. The garage, the tools, the paintings, the new girlfriend. The lovers. He’ll have to take these for the rest of his life. I’m sorry to say this. The stray cats, the first family home. The merry-go-round accident. Monday shephard’s pie. Rewind. Stoned again, looking for a virgin to huff. Bad habits start early. He’s a bummer he’s a bummer he’s a bummer every summer he’s a loyal plastic. Lower him down into the Marsh of Sleep, the Marsh of Decay. Alone in the bedroom, smoking out of a Taco Inn ashtray. Aluminum brain damage, Manhattan, Kansas. Iowa City. Paris, Texas, nickel in the water supply. Nowhere, Somewhere. Petinis Australagus. Begging from the rooftops of Lawrence. Lost in the soundtrack to Slacker. Scratching at the boots of his jailer, the first clone he wanted to fuck. Give him the images of the first clone he wanted to fuck, again. Again give him the treatment. The tenderloin steak. The alpha state gentle landing on the Mare Triantium. A stacked game of Monopoly, he’s building a ten story leggo lamp to pay off his debt. Excruciating unfulfilled lust of teenager. Medicine, turn on the medicine photographs, associate with relief. Headaches, nostalgia, psychosis, associate with health. Religion, contemplation, associate with nerves. Racked. Lower the body into the pine box, sending the message of cheapest burial. Pincher to the incher. Now the father. The scent of the vitamins under his nose, associate clone. Robot. Inhuman. Clarity of logic, emphasise logical thinking. Zoom out. Ease down from the dreamstate, ease out of the alpha, gently, up and up and up into the body. Resting normally.