Left forward, now even-stepped, now right hand holding handrail. Shifts weight to right middle. Stands. Shifts to right center, now leaning right. Now fully right-weighted, left-witted. Slows, stops, ring-ring-ring. Two schoolgirls get out. Grabs hand-rail with two hands, swings round to land in empty seat. Chin cornered by knuckleweight. Lift low knuckleweight not lifting, lurching. Almost sucking thumb. Born 1930? 1933? 1923? 1940? 1944? 1928? Pre- or Post-? Pre- or Post- indeed. Woof Woolfe. White socks [dimmed lace-cutters, can’t be a man] texture of ping-pong net. Worn lips, dying crying swollen eyes of survival and survival meal after meal curry curry curried it’s way coursed these veins. Survival of the piggest. Non-longen bided by bargeman’s poles. Silver wristwatch black dials purged the centuries of dust neath the skin of an old cunt. Denim colored pants of a cottonlike suede unlike material; fancy the mother’s been away on Saturnday sabbatical. Outer three fingers hold the rail thumb under chin keeps close to mouth, folds arms in lap-luster for the earth to spread its cheeks and blister its way into the rapturous concussion of perth wanderings. Itching elbows crossed arms. Notices, signals by scratching nose when no itch exists. Wants an itch to scratch itch isn’t there. Billboard of a gaping mouthwound bleeding gums before and after: ‪er aqua-marine-corps logos logo crumples as it crumbles. Held tight a blue plastic baby with right arm mumbling chocolate whale artifact blubber of the pomp willed tightly round it in a tight-fisted left-hand cuddling face and lips, squinting eyemuscles tenderized launched in a fresh memory wakarimasen cultural car-wreck of a momo. Full lips, full hips, full cheeks, haha probably [a mother] locked in primordial disgustation of her chichi’s chinchin. Cotton dull grey zippersweater full roundabout to the full round bottom of her bottom, sitting swilling fingertips rubbing bottom lip. Hiccups, removes hand from face for duration of the attack. Reaches for temple in prolongued state of the union addressing her memory sadness locked down bag tightening, crinkles as it crumples.