PROJECT DESCRIPTION This performance is based on an excerpt from The First Manifesto of Surrealism by Andre Breton, written in 1924, which concerns Breton’s approach to writing surrealist composition. The performance is a remix and collage of a live, non-linear reading with a video projection of the same text, rendered in color for the big screen. The text is reordered into 11 different permutations, so that each remix or permutation contains the text placed out of its original space. It then is dismantled then reconfigured visually, with characters juxtaposing and superimposing for the video. The text is approached as a medium of surrealism itself, and is molded in the shape of a re-reading as if directly from dreams and the subconscious. The text is meant to be read aloud in the precise spirit of Breton’s original instructions on surrealist composition, with the visual remix of the video projected behind the reader, and for simultaneous broadcast on the radio of the spoken delivery. The original text is not to be read, only the remixes. The voice then, will triangulate the visual collage of the surrealist manifesto.