Hi everyone, I just recieved a note from Word Riot that my interview with Chelsea Martin will be posted on December 15th. It's exclusive, it's blunt, it will turn your mind in fond and lofty directions. Chelsea Martin, in case you don't know, has a book called Everything Was Fine Until Whatever (Future Tense Books). If everything was just fine, what happened? Chelsea might tell you with endearing sketches of horned beasts, ceiling fans, and hormonal ambushes in the night. And a refreshing take (ah!) on the world of non-dating, solitude, the quirky growing pains and social awkwardness of coming of age in America.

Item number TWO: Munter Jack has agreed to allow me a reprint of selections from Kinetic Meditations (Fug Press: 2009). Munter Jack, based in the UK, will slice you open with visions of tepid squalor and bottles of booze that leak like battery acid into your frothy, cuddly heads. He will bring you an England like the League of Gentlemen on crack. Get loaded and take a shotgun full of paint to the latest print edition of Naked Lunch. (I doubt Bill would take offense to that, RIP).

More soon. Just a hint of what is to come: In December, the flash fiction stylings of David Moscovich will be featured along with the soundscapes of Abusive/Consumer on a The Belsona Archive podcast. And you. December will be featuring you.