Raymond Federman (1928-2009)
For the moment I am still speechless and hungover with a sense of shock. I hope to write something of my memories of Raymond in the next few days as my fog clears up. I brought out his books, spread them on my writing table this morning. I've been shoving the emotions under a rock since I heard the news. It's time for me to face the music, and face that he really has changed tense. It's difficult to explain what this man meant to me. It's difficult to face the fact he is gone. I promise to post something of my tuna sandwiches with Raymond, something of my meetings with him in Chicago and San Diego. See you in the dreamworld, Raymond. See you on the written page. DM

I have re-posted the Interview I did with Raymond in 2005 for those of you who are curious: FEDERMAN INNER-VIEW