Deacon Don Sings

Deacon Don Says...

Currently I'm not quite a third of the way through a project to post a new clip to Youtube in each of the last 100 days of 2008, mostly new songs, mostly played on my new HARMONIUM.

This project will serve as a kind of sketch book of new tunes and an archive of the process. Has it occurred to you that youtube clips, unless removed by their authors, will remain indexed and available for years and years - as long as the whole Google project to index all information lasts?

I wonder what use a historian might make off all those talking head responses to responses of vlog videos fifty years from now... 100 years?

I have three different playlists:
Song Seeds Sown is the raw sketchbook of tunes
there's a Saturday Cartoons list in which I animate one of the week's songs
a Sunday Service where I sing or preach or... well, it's evolving.