moscovich arrival in tarapoto

grass huts national geographic scenery

one bathroom for the whole airport

no soap

motortaxi to the hotel

less than a dollar

the hotel is closed

the gates open for a moment

do you have any rooms


i know another hotel says the driver

i can trust his eyes

i can trust

snapping moving shots of the jungle whipping by

little did i know

in less than an hours time

i would be sharing a cup of


a rare jungle fruit liquor

with three others in the wherehouse

and the seƱora the mother

would be telling me stories

about the seven cleansing herbs

she sells in plastic bottles

and that i would be telling her

about the cherry liquor i grew up drinking

that resembles the ubechada

how happy i would be

in less than an hour

in this humid jungle town

jungle town

more jungle than town