PHASE ONE: Words + Music. Portland, Oregon 10/17...



- Finishing up a split-season residency of sorts, BECCA YENSER once again joins Phase One for what will undoubtedly be yet another stellar reading of her impressionist poetry and prose. With wry humor and unexpected poignance, Yenser deftly renders - with gem-like language – a pratfall ballet of tenderness, shame, and vulnerability; light refracted off the mirror of memory and back to illumine her characters’ purest and most unifying humanisms. A rising talent if there ever was one.

- Experimental electro/hip-hop multi-instrumentalist RASHEEDA AMEERA weaves entrancing beats and soulful vocals, rhymes and flutes, typewriters and turntables. We are very pleased to have her at this month’s show.

- NORA ROBERTSON, formerly McCrea, spent her first post-collegiate year in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, learning to cook a mean chicken paprikash, which does appear somewhere in the novel she’s working on. Her fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in such publication as Redactions, 2GQ, and Plazm. “How to Boil an Egg,” a recipe-poem from a collection-in-progress entitled Body Project: A Cookbook, was nominated by Redactions for the 2007 Pushcart Prize. Her spoken-word performances have been included in the 2007 Public Works multimedia series (curated by 2 Gyrlz Performative Arts), the 2004 Enteractive Language Festival, and in the multimedia reading series Phase One: Words + Music. She lives in Portland, Oregon and teaches ESL in the Portland Public Schools.

- Not as much a band as it is a ritualized gathering of energy, WHITE FANG plays songs the way that light does, bouncing and shattering and reforming without any real sense of self. Not as much music as it is a way of thinking, White Fang is more beast than band; that one dark form in the shadows that you shot at but didn't check to feel for a pulse and now there's something loud and bright coming up the stairs looking for you with beer and good vibes.

- DAVID MOSCOVICH is the author of the recently-completed book Castro's Weatherman: Ethnography of a Bumbling Sex Tourist, which is either a tragicomedic novel or a prolonged and lewdiculous way of clearing his (the author’s) throat. He plays the amplified bicycle, performs vocally in an invented and improvised tongue, and lives inside a scurvy, time-traveling shadow in Edo Era, Japan. (BLOG:

- Hailing from the myriad landscapes of Ohio – creeks, hills, rivers, farmland, and Native-American burial mounds - OHIOAN & NATIVE KIN is the familial joy-child of Oryne Warner. After hightailing it out to this, the other O-state, he went to work distilling both his and a musical history. The new album, BEING OF THE GOOD RIVER, is a culmination of this, a “life put into a canoe and set a-flame”. Featuring contributions from members of Shaky Hands, Old Time Relijun, Evolutionary Jass Band, Joggers, CexFucx, Eternal Tapestry, Au, LKN and many more, Warner has crafted a musical experience that musician and writer Adam Gnade has called “a haunted universe where high-plains drifting country rock rolls like a thunderstorm into swampy firefly-lit funeral processions that disappear; later reborn as junkyard free-folk or midnight dixieland-goes-drum-circle-joy freak-outs… Birth, death, rebirth, god and blood, love and strength, snow and fire, riffs cycle back over a clattering landscape of busted-up Americana, faces emerge out of the fog and it's fuckin' Mardi Gras down that rainy alley.” Definitely not to be missed.

at SOMEDAY LOUNGE (125 NW 5th Ave)
9 PM. $5. ALL-AGES!!!

See you then, Portland!
- Garett Strickland
Host / Curator
Phase One: Words + Music