Gaijinge*[GAI-JEEN-GAYE] Release Party. Neighbors' Complaints. Host dressed as a nun. An unidentified man streaked naked through the polluted river below. A cross-section of Fukuoka that includes five large apartment buildings, each ten or more stories high, each floor fifteen apartments, an approximate density of 2500 persons heard the noise coming directly from the nun's apartment. Live music by Common Laughing Point.

*Gaijinge is an annual Fukuoka music and new fiction magazine in both Japanese and English. Poetry by Onaka Shunsuke, The Fug, Hugo Velaquez-Marinescu. Comic by Greg Higgins and Mike Daily. Interviews and photos with Ai Yamamoto,Rokugenkin, 2-Bit Brain Boy, Yuko Kawasaki, Maruyama Yuji, Yuki Okumura, Anthony Guerra, Toshimaru Nakamura, new fiction by David Moscovich and a special bondage interview with Onaka Shunsuke.

Both Gaijinge and Voices From the Fictionary are now available through Dead Trees & Dye [UK]andWasabi [Japan]