Blair's Demands.
昨日私がもう1つを除いて首相名声のブレア氏からの緊急なメッセージを受け取ったわけではない ポール・ブレア服を脱ぐことのために福岡で有名なブレア 知らない ダンスパーティー奴と一般に達者なYakuza日本人の侮辱的なブレアが(それほどいい賞 にかなり1人のポールだけにお世辞を言うことでそうすることができた)誰でもを飲んだ。 後に続くか ものが 彼の需要(私がロンドンのルーマニア人の大使館の取引に送るだろうことを約束した)です:

Yesterday I received an urgent message from Mr. Blair, not of Prime Minister fame, but another Blair, Paul Blair, famous in Fukuoka for undressing unaware drunk blokes at dance parties and generally insulting (in that simlutaneously flattering way only a Paul Blair could) passerbys in fluent Yakuza Japanese. What follows are his demands, which I promised I would forward to my contacts at the Romanian Embassy in London:

this time tomorrow, a dour, smelly scot will run the cultural mish mash
we know as the united kuntdom
i am not united.
i demand that the monarch be killed
and all ginger
children be drowned in buckets.
furthermore,i demand gaelic be reinstalled
as our national lingo,
only gay weddings are permitted,
and we should be
allowed to eat dogs.
oh, i want an embassy in the gaza strip.
what can u do for me?