Daily/Moscovich/Strahota Collaboration: What Larry McCaffery Calls the "FC2 Fight Song"

Mike Daily's Note: Friends. I just discovered that our track, "The Life & Times of Major Fiction", is featured on the PDX POP NOW! website. We submitted the track for the 2006 Comp CD a few months ago. People can listen to it and vote for the artist, Daily Moscovich & Strahota. They streamlined our name by leaving out the comma between "Daily" and "Moscovich" and we're fine with that. We are fine with that. Please vote for Daily Moscovich & Strahota!

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    In October 2005, Daily, Moscovich & Strahota recorded "The Life & Times of Major Fiction"--an eight-minute banger referencing every
  • Fiction Collective/FC2
  • book published since 1974.

    Feedback on the Track:

    I tell you this is the beginning of something big.
    --Raymond Federman

    congrats on the fabulous fc2 fightsong!
    --Larry McCaffery

    Okay, I finally got onto a fast enough connection to listen to this rather than just read it like a poem--geesh!--the poem so doesn't do the song justice. You're a real renaissance man, Mike--so cool, but so slick as well; I mean really put together in a way I'd want to listen to just as music....
    --Steve Tomasula

    It wasn't working at first, it is now however!!! i took a listen that was wicked just awesome.
    i dig the beats.
    --Beki Clash

    Your collages of FC titles are wonderful, remind me of cadavres exquis of the surrealists. Would love to get a CD and hear your music.
    --Yuriy Tarnawsky

    mike, finally back at the computer to listen to the great Fiction
    Collective, FC2 rant. Not since Sinead O'Connor tore up the picture of
    the pope has anything so justifiably obtuse appeared. You should do a
    reggae version she does reggae now
    --Steve Katz

    I quite like it. It cranks.
    --Lily James



    FC2 is one of the few alternative presses in America devoted to publishing fiction considered by America's largest publishers too challenging, innovative, or heterodox for the commercial milieu.

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