Fukuoka Rock: Suicide Disco. DJ For Hire. Fukuoka Rock.

March 2006.
Club Heartbeat, Tenjin.

On the bill:
SUICIDE DISCO[Fukuoka, Japan]

DJ FOR HIRE [Fukuoka, Japan]

Think smiling. Think Travolta, Nirvana, Stereolab, Laurie Anderson, Velvet Underground. Now Think Japan. Think funtime, smilingtime, sincere vocals and thoughtful composition. Think Tight: Suicide Disco

Yamada Nikki/Guitar and Vocals.

Hitotse Nikki/Bass.

When I asked Yamada for a history of the band, this is how he replied:

"First, the band was formed in 2004 as 'Revenge of Flowers,' by three people [Yamada: Guitar & Vocals, Hitotse: Bass, Noggie: Keys & Vocals]. Noggie left the band in February of 2005. After getting then quickly losing a new drummer, Yamada and Hitotse felt it was time to change the project. They formed Suicide Disco, and selected the genre of dance rock that was different from their style at the time.