Blurbs for That Rare Amalgamation of Blue Hair and Women's Formal Wear

I like Moscovich's book. Read it this weekend. Shards
of it pierced me. Like when you cut yourself a little
while shaving. You don't realize you've done it but
then you look in the mirror later and see a big red
splotch on your neck. Unsettling.

  • Kevin Sampsell

  • Not a single weak link in the whole thing, absolutely
    superb sequencing. My jaw is agape as if I've lockjaw.
    I laughed out loud throughout the read.

  • Mike Daily

  • I like the way the words are on the page - it shows
    care about the way one uses language.

    I find this micro fiction not only well written well
    conceived. I like especially the economy of the
    language you use.

    I like how yu squeeze other genres between the
    micro-fictions -- streamlining the journey -- with a
    powerful little aside --

    oh I like the titles in large letters - makes it
    easier for retirees to read them

  • Raymond Federman

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