It's getting better and better. This email is from today, from the one and only Munter Jack, with a link to a new interview in Word Riot by David Hoenigman, author of Burn Your Belongings. Hoenigman hosts a wacky performance art show in Tokyo, Japan called Paint Your Teeth. The shows he is archiving on video as well. The last video David sent me there was an impromptu stripper -- according to David his wife was only surprised that she stripped for free. Who strips for free? she said. Performers at Paint Your Teeth strip for free, apparently. What other antics happen at these events? Check for yourself. But first, read the interview he did with Munter Jack.

Here is an excerpt I really enjoyed from the interview:

Who or what has influenced your writing?

Old people. The older and madder the better. When I return to my home town in the north of England I spend a lot of time standing around in charity shops, listening to old people talking about hip operations, cataracts and mad stuff like someone they know who got CJD from eating squirrel brains. They have these fantastically dark and at the same time very humorous conversations as they rummage through large boxes of second hand underpants.

(cute email from Munter Jack posted below)

Hey David,

I'm in Word Riot. Your mate Mr Hoenigman did an interview. And, I owe you big thanks. Once again! Cheers mate, he found me through you and Louffa Press. Thanks a lot! He says you're going to publish some of his work. Go for it fella.

Munter Jack